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Our services focus on supporting vulnerable people who are struggling with mental health issues, poverty, homelessness, unemployment and other challenges.

For those who have been let down by the system and are at risk of falling through the gaps, we connect them with support services or advocacy groups that can help them navigate their hardships.

Accessing support services

We help individuals access services that offer assistance with finance, law, healthcare, immigration and other resources they can benefit from.

We also share our knowledge on how they can access concessions or bill discounts and assist people with short term or emergency housing.

Meals, clothes, living essentials

Every week we support more than 200 vulnerable people access meals, baby items, hygiene products and clothing.

Our community pantry is stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, dairy and protein. We also supply everyday essentials such as shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, tissues and hand sanitiser and wipes.

We distribute hampers of tinned food, juices and personal hygiene items to communities experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. We visit four locations across Sydney’s south west twice a week to deliver hot meals directly to where individuals are sleeping rough and would otherwise go without.

Meals, clothes, living essentials

Help filling out forms

Forms can be complex and particularly complicated to fill out when English is not your first language. We assist people to fill out forms and documents for Centrelink, passports, housing and other agencies.

We have bilingual staff on hand to assist people who are limited or non-English speakers or we can arrange for an interpreter.

Help filling out forms

Social and Support Groups

We help vulnerable people connect with others through social groups that offer activities and experiences, including local playgroups or religious groups for pastoral support.

We can also refer people to community organisations for specialist programs including mentoring, therapies, counselling and others.


We link with partner organisations to offer parenting workshops that encourage individuals to build parenting skills, support their children’s development and help families stay connected.

Other workshops include building self-esteem and confidence as well as life skills which empowers people with basic skills such as how to apply for work, open a bank account and other practical living skills.


Domestic Violence support

Our Domestic Violence Connect Program helps DV clients by boosting their morale, helping them build interpersonal skills, identify their strengths and develop a positive self-image as they set life goals and ambitions. We also offer practical support by providing food, meals packs, toiletries, clothing, and shoes. We link them with counselling services, support groups, social groups, playgroups, workshops including art and craft and leisure time.

We issue Escabags, which are tote bags filled with essential items needed when escaping a dangerous or abusive situation.

Domestic Violence support

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